You can park your car/vehicle in our
courtyard (locked at night time)
We offer a spacious apartment which has been newly refurbished and contains all amenities. Situated in a quiet neighbourhood (cul-de-sac) in the centre of Bamberg, the "Ferienwohnung an der Wachsbleiche" is an exclusive and convenient starting point for various activities and excursions in and around Bamberg.
In close proximity (2 min. walk) you can find two traditional private Breweries offering a large selection of different types of beers and typical Franconian culinary specialities.
The main shopping areas are located in the centre of town, approximately 400m away from the apartment.
The apartments are situated on the ground floor and
the first floor of aneo-classical town house built in 1865.
The surrounding streets form the "Gärtnerstadt", the
part of Bamberg where traditionally gardeners lived
and cultivated the land. The first residents arrived
here around 1000 years ago.
In the 18th century wealthy wealthy citizens built
the wax bleaching business on the oppisite side
of the street to bleach bees wax for altar candles.
This gave the area, which is also home to
numerous gardens, its name „Wachsbleiche“
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