Culture in Bamberg means more than one might expect – you will be astonished once you discover it!
Throughout the year, cultural events, festivities and celebrations are heavily influenced by many churchly as well as secular traditions and include crèche tours, Christmas market, Lent market, Day of Kunigunde, Easter fountains, Corpus Christi procession, parish fairs, with the "Sandkirchweih" towards the end of August being the highlight, but also beer festivals, "Bamberg zaubert"
(a festival around magic), and antiquity fairs.
... has been shaped by its original structure (where the clergy resides in the hills while commoners live in the flat surrounding areas) and has retained its historic charm across centuries. This and the existence of many restored individual monuments and monumental structures resulted in the city´s acquisition of the title "world heritage".
The beauty and charm of the town and its surrounding
scenery has always attracted artists and other admirers.
Not only does Bamberg possess the famous symphony
orchestra"Bamberger Symphoniker" but it also lets you discover the magnificent cathedral "Bamberger Dom" with the well- known statue "Bamberger Reiter",
as well as many other churches
and theaters, art galleries,
antiquities, museums and
much more.

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